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Chai to us is a way of life, a therapeutic experience for both the body and soul! Our tea is created by a unique method, refined over generations and many years of experience. Our tea making process starts by taking the tea powder through an intricate refining process following the creation of a special blend of tea. The tea is then carefully prepared over time by a special process in which the tea blend is carefully brewed with indirect heat similar to the process of a bain-marie to preserve the subtle and sublime tea blend. The tea is lovingly served in traditional earthenware cups called ‘Kulhar’, where the tea acquires an almost silky and chocolaty flavour. Not to mention the famous Doodh-Cola which is a curious amalgamation of cold milk and aerated cola, the freshly made sweets and savories that accompany the most famous tea in Kolkata. This is what makes Balwant Singh Dhaba a once in a lifetime treat…which should be repeated daily! We are proud to have a “family-friendly” environment and the food and tea is a culmination of our adopted city Kolkata and the traditional, robust flavors of the Punjabi cuisine.

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